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These rules count for the website and the servers. Breaking these rules will result in an instant punishment or ban from the site and forums!

Rules for all our servers :
Rule 1. Do not ever hack in any kind of way, result will be an instant IP Ban.
Rule 2. Do not talk shit to any member of the community, this inclueds trolling, racism, rape.
Rule 3. Do not spam on Microphone, we don't like our ears been raped >.<
Rule 4. Do not piss around with bugs or glitches, report them to solid IMMIDIETLY.
Rule 5. Do not spam random shit on the website.
Rule 6. Respect all admins, they are your gaurdian angels.

Rule 1. If you are combine, do not steal traps
Rule 2. As combine, do not spam traps or let people pass.
Rule 3. Do not glitch and of the maps
Rule 4. Do not spam Mic/Chat
Rule 5. Do not hack
Rule 6. Do not be rude (Racist, swearing ect)

Hello, and welcome to are community website, if you look on the top bar, we have many links, for your enjoyment and information. One of them are forums, where you can post suggestions and check up to people posts, the other is Mail! your very own mail! you can only recive messages from other site members.


If you are new to our community, we are community for Half Life 2 : Deathmatch. Here are are severs! :

Our Servers!

Death Run IP :
Roleplay IP :


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